About Me

I moved to the Northwest from Northern California in 2002—and love it here. I have a master's degree in social work from the University of Denver and since childhood have loved helping people. I have been working for Kaiser Permanente in the field of Addiction Medicine for nearly 30 years.

About my practice

I provide counseling for those who suffer from addiction and mental health problems. I am particularly interested in working with those with a history of trauma or PTSD and am currently pursuing a certification that allows me to address trauma from a somatic perspective, using a holistic approach. I believe in the importance of mindfulness and teach mindfulness to my members. I have my own meditation practice, which helps me to be more fully present with my members. I love working for this organization and appreciate that I have permission to be flexible and creative in my approach to working with members.

How I thrive

I have found meditation—and mindfulness in general—to be very helpful for my emotional and physical health. I love to ride my bike and do yoga and have a routine for both. I enjoy music and am learning to play the piano. I try to attend musical events regularly and every year look forward to the Waterfront Blues Festival. I also love hiking with my children.