About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I’m happy to have the chance to introduce myself and give you a little information about how I practice medicine.


I was born in Southern California and raised here until high school, when my family moved to New Mexico. I remained in New Mexico throughout college and medical school, but returned to my roots to complete my residency. It's great to be back around my extended family, and I love the warm weather here in Southern California and its countless, year-round, outdoor activities.

About my practice

I feel very strongly that prevention is the key to effective medicine. In pediatrics, I have the opportunity to teach healthy living habits from the very beginning that will make a lifetime of difference. I strongly believe in vaccinations, healthy eating, and daily exercise for all my members. Staying healthy is not just something I teach my members, it's also something I try to achieve in my own life as well.

How I thrive

For fun, my family and I rock climb, bike, and run. I’ve also completed more than 12 marathons and one half Ironman, and I’m looking for my next challenge.