About Me

I am a practicing physician with Colorado Permanente Medical Group. As a partner provider, I care for Kaiser Permanente patients across Colorado, instead of in a single medical office.

I am from Long Island, New York, but have lived in Colorado since 2000. I came to visit my best friend and then worked here as a travel doctor and knew I wanted to stay. I have 2 beautiful boys, 1 cat and 6 chickens. I became a doctor because the thought of being able to make a positive difference in people’s lives was a calling for me. My favorite part of being a doctor is feeling like I made a connection with someone and found something that will improve their health and quality of life. Traveling all over the world helped shape me, as I was able to see how others live, experience their cultures, enjoy their food and appreciate the surrounding beauty of all these places. I also enjoyed working on reservations with Native Americans in Arizona, New Mexico and Alaska.

About my practice

I respect my patients as partners in maintaining their health. I love to teach patients about their health and the ways they can improve their lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and getting out in nature. I listen and seek to understand my patients’ questions and concerns. I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists and others to coordinate my patients’ care.

How I thrive

I love to be out in nature or in my garden. I enjoy cooking and baking and even making canned goods. I do yoga and weights and ride my bike. I also love to decorate and have get-togethers involving food at my house. It is important to me to eat healthy, and it’s even better if I can grow the food in my yard.