About Me

Hello. My name is Dr. Lee. I have been a primary care physician with Kaiser Permanente since 1982 and still love what I do every day. While medicine continues to change at a rapid pace, fundamental truths remain the same: listen to patients, encourage them to do well, and always keep your sense of humor. These are ideas that have proven successful to me over the years and are just as relevant today.


I grew up in New England and attended Brown University School of Medicine in Rhode Island. I served my internship and residency at Miriam Hospital in Providence, which is also affiliated with Brown University. Seeking warmer weather and new opportunities in California, I joined Kaiser Permanente in the early 1980s. I’ve practiced in the Lancaster Medical Offices ever since.

About my practice

My current practice focuses on adults of all ages. I firmly believe in continuity of care. Many of my patients have been with me for decades. I believe Kaiser Permanente is a great organization with wonderful people. I encourage my patients to take advantage of the many additional services available to all Kaiser Permanente members.

How I thrive

In my spare time, I love classical music, visual arts, cooking, learning about history, and traveling. They help raise my spirits and broaden the experience of my whole existence. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exercise regularly, and read books of a variety of genres. I always have pets around to share my love and happiness. At one time or another, I have kept dogs, chickens, hamsters, rabbits, tropical fish, and turtles. Most recently, I have adopted a cat that looks like a tiny tiger, yet it has the sweetest personality.