About Me

I grew up primarily in Wisconsin, spending a number of years researching and working abroad in Bolivia, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Brazil in the field of public health. Working in public health helped me realize that I wanted to contribute more directly to individuals' well-being through a career in medicine. After attending UC San Francisco for medical school, I completed residency in emergency medicine at UC Davis where I rotated though Kaiser Permanente hospitals. I came to appreciate the comprehensive approach to medicine and patient care that Kaiser Permanente exemplifies and have been working with Kaiser Permanente every since!

About my practice

I am a proud member of Kaiser Permanente and believe strongly in our approach to both treating patients when they become ill and promoting health through proactive, preventive medicine and continuity of care. I particularly enjoy my role in the Emergency Department where I can look after and treat patients from all walks of life.

How I thrive

I make an effort to stay healthy through frequent exercise, time outdoors, and keeping in close touch with friends and family.