About Me

Hello and welcome to my Web page.


I am Colombian-American. In 1991, my family moved from Colombia to the United States to start a new life. The U.S. gave us the opportunity to follow our dreams, honor our culture, and enrich our lives with the traditions and customs from cultures around the world. During our first years here, we lived in a suburb of New York City. From there, we moved to a small rural community in Indiana. I attended college at Indiana University-Bloomington, where I met and married my college sweetheart. Following this, I attended University of Louisville Medical School of Medicine. Then moved to California for a psychiatry residency at UCLA San Fernando Valley. During my training, I became the mother of three amazing children.

About my practice

My practice consists primarily of adult Spanish- and English-speaking patients. I am a member of a treatment team designed to meet all of your mental health care needs. Our team strives to understand and meet your biological, psychological, social and cultural needs, in order to provide you with the best psychiatric care possible.

How I thrive

I strive to maintain and increase resilience and well-being through positive thinking. It’s very important to me to maintain a realistic perspective, and and to sustain and enrich the significant relationships in my life. I also thrive by keeping healthy habits and exercising regularly.