About Me

I was born and raised in Alabama. After thinking long and hard about what career to pursue, I decided to go into medicine because it is a combination of two things that I love: science and the interaction with people. I have never regretted my decision. I also met my husband during medical school. We have been married since 2009.

About my practice

As an Ob/Gyn physician, I embrace the opportunity to work with women throughout all stages of their lives, from adolescence, to pregnancy, to menopause. I also enjoy providing a variety of care, including outpatient care, surgery, and labor and delivery. I value practicing with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because I have the capability to provide high quality, uncompromising, up-to-date and comprehensive health care. I am committed to providing the best patient care possible and believe that the patient/physician relationship is extremely important. I believe it is important to educate my patients about their health so that we can, as a team, make good health care decisions. I think it is invaluable for the patient to be involved and have input in these decisions. I also love getting to know my patients and try to provide an atmosphere of comfort and openness.

How I thrive

I stay healthy by spending time with loved ones, maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly. When I am not at work I love to hike, spend time at the beach and travel to new and exciting places.