About Me

I moved to Colorado from Hawaii in 2011. It is truly the yin to the yang. When not working, I enjoy spending time in nature with my family, including 2 very rambunctious dogs. I became excited about social work while living in Hawaii. I have worked in hospitals, community mental health settings, residential rehabilitation programs, and outpatient clinics.

About my practice

The chemical dependency treatment services at Kaiser Permanente provide high-quality, affordable care to members seeking treatment for substance use. We also provide services to family members who may be affected by a loved one’s substance use. We have a defined range of care which uses the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to inform and direct appropriate care. Group therapy is a principal component of chemical dependency care. Patient treatment goals are designed to meet individual needs while considering the individual’s readiness and motivation to change.

How I thrive

I start most days with a mindfulness practice and exercise. I appreciate moving the physical body to generate emotional and spiritual wellness. I was a chef in a former life and naturally like to cook. I find serenity in the mountains and rivers of Colorado and the surrounding states.