About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm glad to have the opportunity to introduce myself. Visiting the eye doctor was a regular part of growing up in my family, so it was natural that I pursued a career in optometry.


My father was a master chief in the United States Navy, and I was born in Guam while my family was stationed there. During my childhood we moved a lot, from Washington State to South Carolina and then to California. From the Navy I received a Health Professions scholarship to attend optometry school. As a lieutenant, I was division officer of the optometry clinic at the Naval Air Station North Island and served as department head of optometry at the Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. After my time in the service, I worked for a few years in private practice before joining Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

We have a great team here at Kaiser Permanente. We work closely with the Optical and Ophthalmology Departments to help satisfy member needs. I try to demonstrate how much a first-time prescription or change in prescription can improve your vision. We can work together to find what options best suit your vision requirements for work, school, and/or recreation.

How I thrive

Mind and body wellness is important to your overall health. I strive to work out at the gym at least 3 times a week. I enjoy a good hike with friends and have had the opportunity to climb Mt. Fuji twice. After a stressful day, listening to music, a little singing, and watching some of my favorite TV shows help me relax.