About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am board certified in internal medicine and nephrology (the care of the kidney and treatment of kidney conditions). I am also a certified hypertension specialist.


I am originally from San Diego. I was away for many years, including six years in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. I am very glad to be back home in this wonderful city. When I am not working, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, watching the San Diego Chargers, and spending time with my family and our hyperactive dogs.

About my practice

We have multiple nephrologists in our practice. We alternate our time among the dialysis units, our medical offices, and Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center. My first goal with any patient is to help stabilize his or her kidney function in order to try to avoid renal replacement therapy (which involves dialysis or a kidney transplant). I am also an advocate of doing home dialysis or peritoneal dialysis instead of going to a dialysis center, if possible.

How I thrive

My knees don't like it when I run, so I stick to my mountain bike for cardiovascular fitness. I also lift weights regularly and do stretching exercises every morning.