About Me

I am honored that you are visiting my Web page. It has been created as a tool to provide helpful medical information as well as an opportunity for you to learn more about me and the department of family medicine. I am looking forward to creating a partnership in health with you in order to help you develop a healthy lifestyle that leads to the best possible quality of life. I am proud to be Kaiser Permanente physician, and I hope that we can always provide the highest-quality care and service.


I was born on the beautiful island of Java, Indonesia in a town called Yogyakarta. It was the deep feeling of happiness that resulted after helping others that led me to decide to become a physician. After graduating from Gadjah Mada University Medical School, which is the oldest medical school in my home country, I decided to come to the United States for my family medicine residency at USC and was chief resident in 2004. My wife and I fell in love with Southern California and decided to live here with our three children.

About my practice

Being a family physician gives me a very special opportunity and responsibility to help people in a unique and meaningful way. It is a great privilege that patients have entrusted me with their care, and I strive to treat them as I would my own family. I believe that healthy living and preventive care are the most important ways to stay healthy, but I am also here to take care of you when you are sick. The practice of medicine has been continuously changing; this mandates that we consider medicine a lifelong learning commitment.

How I thrive

I enjoy picnics with my children, walking along the beach, fishing, traveling, playing keyboard and drums at church, and watching movies (especially science fiction). I manage my daily stress by counting my blessings. I start my clinical work praying for the humility to listen to my patients and keep updating my medical knowledge and skills.