About Me



I was born in Israel and moved to the United States at the age of 13. I went to UCLA, so when you come in, please wear blue and gold (just kidding!).

About my practice

I have been working at Kaiser Permanente since 1997. I worked in private practice for a short time and have some perspective on the different types of health care. I believe that Kaiser Permanente helps me practice medicine the way I imagined it would be in medical school. Here, I am allowed to focus on my patients and their families, to treat their ailments and anxieties, and to develop trusting relationships. I try to deliver the kind of care you can brag about.

How I thrive

I ran the L.A. Marathon in 2010 (my fourth). My time was not great, but I really enjoyed the event. I love chocolate, but usually in moderation. I exercise when I can, I eat as healthy as I can tolerate, and focus on family above everything else.