About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself and tell you about my practice.


I was born in India. My parents are both physicians, and all I ever wanted to do was become a physician myself. My father is a cardiologist and continues to work. I started helping him with electrocardiograms when I was 8. I entered medical school in 1984 in India at the age of 16, directly from high school. After completing medical school, I trained and worked in the British national health care system for three years and in 1993 followed my husband to New York for his orthopedic training. I chose the specialty of oncology after practicing internal medicine in New Jersey for a few years. I felt that oncology was one area that required a physician to be a compassionate caregiver rather then just a prescriber of medicines. I have practiced oncology (specifically, cancer chemotherapy) since 1996.

About my practice

Practicing medicine allows me to connect with and help people in meaningful ways, using my medical skills and knowledge but also being a good listener and responding to patients’ real needs. I feel very honored that patients have entrusted me with their care and try to treat them as I would want my own family to be treated.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in my life is very important to me. Kaiser Permanente gives me the opportunity to work and at the same time take care of my young family.