About Me

A Midwesterner by birth and work ethic, I have lived most of my life in Littleton, CO. My husband and I graduated from Columbine High School and, after several years of a "When Harry met Sally" relationship, we married. We have three daughters: one a St Olaf College graduate living and working in Minneapolis, MN; the other two in middle school. I practice medicine as a service to children and their parents. I believe the wellness of our nation truly is reflected by how well we "grow" our children.

About my practice

My vision is "to enthusiastically promote wellness - physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual - so that the divine light in all is readily apparent." As a pediatrician, my practice consists of pre-term infants to 18 year olds. I particularly enjoy coaching new parents to help them mindfully raise healthy children. Acute pediatric illness, and chronic conditions like asthma, allergy and complex medical disease processes are within the scope of pediatrics.

How I thrive

I thrive by being with my family, cooking, wine-tasting, gardening, bicycling, hiking and working out with a friend at the gym. Once or twice a year I coach a course entitled "Gym Bag Bible." I like calling it gym bag wisdom because it's not too religious. In this class we help each other work toward living our best life--including health, fitness and a mindful review of what is important in our lives. I am at my best when I remember to be grateful.