About Me

Welcome to my Web page.


I have lived in Southern California since 1989. After my residency at UC San Diego, I started a private practice and subsequently joined Kaiser Permanente. I am very fortunate to be a psychiatrist because it was my dream to help people, especially those who are under a lot of stress and may have physical and emotional problems. I strongly believe that good health is not only the absence of disease but also a positive mood, since the body and mind are closely interconnected.

About my practice

It is my privilege to serve as a doctor in the hospital. I am part of a large team that includes physicians from different specialties. I work in connection with the social workers and therapists as well as nurses and pharmacists. We are dedicated to improve the well-being of our patients.

How I thrive

I like to exercise, and I do it regularly. I also like opera, classical music, and international gourmet cuisine. I am constantly working on updating myself with the latest news in my specialty. I firmly believe in the Kaiser Permanente philosophy of maintaining a positive and healthy attitude in our daily life. This includes daily healthy meals, exercise, and a proper balance between work and leisure. I know that we all can greatly benefit from an equilibrium between body and mind.