About Me

Hello, and welcome. My name is Dr. Davidson, and I have been with Kaiser Permanente since 2006.


I am the youngest of three children. I grew up in the South Los Angeles area. I am married, and I have toddler twins who are a handful, to say the least. I began working full-time for Kaiser Permanente after completing my residency in family medicine at Harbor UCLA (in the Torrance area). After that, I spent the next six months working for a free clinic, another health care organization, and I also worked as an urgent care doctor at Kaiser Permanente. I thought Kaiser Permanente was the best fit for me, so I applied for a full-time position at the Inglewood Medical Offices. I started my career working part-time in the clinic and part-time in the hospital at Kaiser Permanente’s West Los Angeles Medical Center working with sickle cell patients.

About my practice

I try my best in whatever I do and endeavor to give each of my patients the amount of time needed to address his or her medical concern. Each patient has a different concern, and it is my goal to make sure my patients leave satisfied with the service provided.

How I thrive

I love to read. If I can’t physically read a book, I at least listen to audiobooks as I push my kids around in their stroller (for exercise).