About Me

Welcome to the department of ophthalmology at Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center. I am a comprehensive ophthalmologist in our department.


Although I was born in Chicago, my formative years were spent in Ireland. Following medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, I returned to the United States to complete an internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and an ophthalmology residency at the University of Michigan. Prior to going into practice, I completed in an international fellowship with Project ORBIS, the world’s only flying eye hospital that visits developing countries and teaches local ophthalmologists the modern techniques of eye surgery. I joined Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center in 1990, fulfilling my dream of one day living in California.

About my practice

As a Kaiser Permanente physician and an ophthalmologist, my goal is to provide you the most advanced and accessible health care. Along with my colleagues, I will help you to navigate through the complex world of medicine to provide you with comprehensive and high-quality care. As of January 2014, I have taken on an additional administrative role at the Riverside Medical Center.

How I thrive

Laughter and optimism, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help us all to thrive.