About Me

Hello and hola! Thank you for visiting my Web page. My name is Berenice Nava, and I am a nephrologist (medical specialist in kidney care).


I was born in Mexico, but at an early age I moved to the United States, where I completed my higher education. I received my undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University and my medical doctorate at the UCLA Charles Drew Program. I then spent one year at the National Institutes of Health as a predoctoral research fellow working on clinical research in kidney disease. After this, I did residency training in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and a fellowship in nephrology at New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center. I’m excited to have joined Kaiser Permanente, which is a dedicated healthcare institution that cares for its members, having a strong emphasis on preventive medicine. I find this to be very relevant in my care approach, as diabetes and hypertension are the 2 main leading causes of end-stage renal disease in our country, both of which can be extensively controlled through preventive care.

About my practice

I am a general nephrologist with special interests in preventive medicine, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, glomerular diseases, kidney transplant, and dialysis therapy. My philosophy is member-centered care along with strong collaboration with a multidisciplinary team including colleagues, nurse staff, dietitians, and social workers coming together for a common goal: optimized member care. I am committed to the well-being of members, and I hope to develop strong, trusting, and long-lasting member-physician relationships. I also have a passion for global health and community outreach, which has led me to volunteering time in countries like Mexico and Africa.

How I thrive

It is important to find balance in life and attend the well-being of your mind, body, and soul. Staying active is one way I have found to achieve this, I enjoy long-distance running, participating in group workouts, dancing, and hiking. I like to be active in my community and participate in health fairs when I have the opportunity. Traveling and learning more about other cultures have also enriched me in a way that brings a more grounded appreciation of the world and my fellow man. Finally, when I’m not thinking about the kidneys, I enjoy cooking and spending time with friends and family.