About Me

Thank you for visiting my Web page. I’m a general and laparoscopic surgeon by training, and I’ve had the privilege of serving Kaiser Permanente members since 2011.


I grew up in Ventura County and went on to UCLA for college, where I majored in and obtained my master’s degree in biochemistry and molecular chemistry. Though laboratory science was interesting, I wished to work with patients and make a positive difference in their lives. I decided to pursue medicine and attended New York Medical College. Ultimately, I decided to become a surgeon. Through my training, I learned that to become a good surgeon, one has to strive to become a good doctor first and a good listener.

About my practice

Kaiser Permanente impacted my life in so many ways even before I had the privilege of joining the organization. I have been a member of Kaiser Permanente for a very long time. During my surgical training, I was able to learn from Kaiser Permanente surgeons at the West Los Angeles Medical Center. I’m blessed to be able to share my medical knowledge with my members on a daily basis, and I feel privileged to have people entrust me with their surgical care.

How I thrive

I believe that wellness begins with a good night’s sleep. My goal is to run 1 to 2 miles on my treadmill every other day and to take the stairs rather than the elevator whenever I can. I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog, as well as hiking, watching movies, and checking out new eateries.