About Me

Hi! I’d like to welcome you to my Web page. I consider Kaiser Permanente the optimal setting for me to put all my years of learning and training into the art of giving medical care.


I grew up in Southern California in a family of health care professionals. However, it was through volunteering at local community clinics that I developed my own keen interest in the medical field. I loved the East Coast, where I spent four years during medical school, but the draw of family and good weather brought me back to Southern California.

About my practice

I feel that medical care is best delivered when there is a strong connection and rapport between you and your doctor. Whether administering preventive care or active care when you’re sick, I strive to take each encounter with you as an opportunity to understand you better as a whole person.

How I thrive

I make it a priority to set aside time to relax and to have fun with my family. I believe that maintaining a good diet, a regular exercise regiment, and a low stress level is important to leading a healthy life.