About Me

I’m originally from western Nebraska, but after completing my undergraduate degree at Colorado State University, I came to love northern Colorado for its outdoor lifestyle, people and climate! I moved back to northern Colorado after medical school, residency and fellowship. I love animals, gardening and trail running. My family traveled extensively in Central America when I was growing up, and I continue to be inspired by Latin American culture and speak Spanish as a second language. My career as an anesthesiologist allows me to connect to patients and quickly make a difference in people’s lives by easing the surgical experience.

About my practice

I’m your biggest advocate in the operating room. I love to work with patients to find out your needs and worries and make sure that your surgical experience goes as smoothly as possible. I’m a firm believer that an ounce of prevention works beyond all expectations and will start to address common concerns like pain, nausea and fear before you even enter the operating room. In addition to anesthesiology training, I am fellowship-trained in regional anesthesiology and the management of acute pain after surgery. This means that I perform a range of pain blocking/numbing procedures for all areas of the body which help minimize pain during and after surgery. I often work with orthopedic surgery patients in this regard. I am passionate about decreasing the amount of narcotics used during and after surgery by utilizing other medications and treatments to help alleviate pain. I love working with children and women in labor, but all areas of surgery are fascinating and provide unique challenges.

How I thrive

I thrive on sunshine, nature and laughter.