About Me

I am originally from Oklahoma City but have lived in St. Louis, Philadelphia and Denver over the years for my medical training. After completing fellowship in my hometown, I decided to move back to Denver and join the Pulmonary/Critical Care group at Kaiser Permanente. My wife and I have two kids and we love living in Denver. We try to do as much outdoor activity as possible by hiking and camping.

About my practice

My general philosophy in my practice of medicine is that much of the time, less is more. I try to take a very measured and thoughtful view of tests and therapies for disease. I decided to go into Pulmonary/Critical Care for the breadth of practice it allows me. The ICU is very tense and exciting and requires making difficult decisions very quickly. Pulmonary clinic then allows me to slow down a bit and interact with patients in a calmer environment. In both settings, I see patients at very scary and vulnerable times in their lives, and I hope I can offer some measure of comfort and reassurance by providing care that is thoughtful and consistent with their values.

How I thrive

Practicing medicine can be grueling and finding ways to relax outside of work is key. My family and I like to spend time outdoors in the mountains to re-center ourselves. In addition, I have many hobbies that keep me occupied at home. I like to brew beer (and drink it!), cook and play golf (not well). I read a lot and watch movies – I tend to enjoy older classics.