About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California but ventured to the East Coast for college. I tried to settle back into Southern California after New England, but it no longer felt like home. That’s when I found the Pacific Northwest and have never wanted to leave! I attended Oregon Health & Science University for medical school and residency in internal medicine. I chose internal medicine because I enjoy the challenge of being a generalist; I know quite a bit about the entire body but am not an expert in any one area. I also feel compelled to be very thorough and to follow up on issues—which comes in handy for medicine!

About my practice

In my early days with Kaiser Permanente, I worked as a primary care provider at the Tualatin clinic. It was the ultimate honor and privilege to be a primary care provider; I loved the intellectual challenge of complex medical care, but even more, I loved advocating for members and making sure that my specialty colleagues understood how my patients were doing. Eventually, I realized that complex care and geriatrics are really my calling, so I made the difficult decision to leave primary care and my wonderful panel of patients. Now I take care of members who are in skilled nursing facilities for brief stays after hospital visits and before they are well enough to return home. I also oversee our home health nurses and therapists who provide skilled care in patients' homes. Every day when I come to work I am thankful for my colleagues and for Kaiser Permanente's terrific technological resources that enable me to help provide and coordinate care for our members.

How I thrive

I enjoy the Pacific Northwest for its outdoors, its food and restaurant scene, and its arts and culture. I also really enjoy the fact that we can travel short distances in our region and see amazing places. I look forward to doing volunteer work in the future and hope to work for a pantry that supplies basics to our local underserved population, regardless of race, religion, residence, or citizenship.