About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Donald Gates, family physician at the Kaiser Permanente Corona Medical Offices. I have been with Kaiser Permanente for 25 years, and I look forward to practicing a good while more. Welcome to my Web page!


I am originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania. I have a degree in physical therapy and practiced physical therapy for seven years before medical school. My mother was a nurse, so I have been interested in all things medical for a long time. My wife is a nurse and works at Kaiser Permanente in postoperative recovery. My daughter has a degree in education and is employed at an educational foundation. My son is attending college and studying business.

About my practice

Communication is the central theme of my practice, as I feel communication and relationship are the most meaningful part of the doctor-patient interaction. Please come with questions and concerns and we will openly discuss everything. Together we can work to find what will work best for you. I will be honest and up-front about what should be done.

How I thrive

I thrive mostly on the love of my family and on music. I play the tenor saxophone nearly every day and find it relaxing and enjoyable. We also like to swim and play tennis. I try to eat a mostly vegan diet and believe it to be important. I also am actively involved in my church.