About Me

I was born in California and have lived all over the West Coast. My wife, a family medicine physician, and I moved to Hawaii with our children because we felt it would be a great place for them to grow up. We have three sons and a beautiful little girl, who we recently adopted from South Korea. I joined the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG) because its physicians are well-trained, invested in their patients and practices, and professionally fulfilled. It’s been wonderful making Hawaii my home and I look forward to exploring the opportunities that HPMG has to offer.

About my practice

I honestly cannot remember why, but from a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I have always enjoyed working with kids which is why pediatrics appealed to me. Congenital cardiology is a truly fascinating field because of the broad range of anatomy and physiology it involves. I also have a particular interest in cardiac catheterization and fetal echocardiography.I often have the opportunity to work closely with patients and their families, which I enjoy very much. My philosophy is to approach families as if they were my own personal relatives and I strive to communicate as openly and clearly as possible. I ensure parents understand their child’s condition, what we are doing about it, and why, so they are able to make informed decisions.I also try to create a separate, individual connection with my patients. My goal is to have children look forward to their visits, or at the very least, not dread them. I do this by having fun and playfully joking with patients to put them, as well as their parents, at ease. It’s important to me that patients and their parents be comfortable so that we can openly address their questions or concerns.

How I thrive

I exercise regularly to keep healthy. Almost all of my free time is spent with my wife and our children. Our boys are very active with wrestling, baseball and soccer, and I spend a lot of time coaching and helping them with their activities. I also enjoy water sports, cooking and reading