About Me

I was driven to study medicine even as a child. Medicine appeals to me as the ultimate way of helping others. I came to Colorado to be with my spouse. We have 2 teenage sons. Our biggest joy is visiting new places around the world. We also enjoy sightseeing in Colorado's mountains.

About my practice

Being a hospitalist gives me the chance to meet a wide variety of patients at a critical point of their lives. I get to know some patients very well over the course of their hospital stays. My goal is to provide the best medical care possible to every single patient. It is a privilege to provide care to my patients and see improvements in their health and quality of life. I try to educate my patients about their medical issues, so they can make informed decisions regarding their health. I work as a team with our specialists and others to coordinate my patients’ care. I provide very detailed and accurate notes to my physician colleagues to ensure coordinated follow-up care for my patients.

How I thrive

I read and listen to music to relax. I enjoy cooking, mostly Middle Eastern cuisine, and love to gather my family and friends for meals. I receive great joy and energy from my family.