About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. It is important for you find a physician who can partner with you in your health, so I have given information about me to assist you in making an educated choice. But I am also interested in learning more about you!


I grew up in San Diego and still have the majority of my extended family here. I was lucky as an undergraduate to have opportunities to go on international health care trips to Brazil and India. It was at that time I realized I would better assist my patients by understanding public health and toxicology. Thus, I went to San Diego State University School of Public Health for graduate studies in these fields. Finally, I attended medical school in Northern California and finished my internal medicine residency in San Bernardino County. It is important to me to address your medical, emotional, and social concerns to achieve and maintain your health.

About my practice

Throughout the hospital, we take pride in teamwork and creating a comfortable, friendly environment. My focus in medicine is twofold: thorough preventive care for all my members and comprehensive, evidence-based management of my ill members.

How I thrive

Whether it is mind-body or work-home, balance is fundamental. I work to create this in myself, as well as my members. I have an outstanding husband and two creative, energetic children. We love to experience the outdoors by going to tide pools, parks, local mountains, and deserts. I stay active with my family and during weekday lunch time I am at the gym for my own time. I am fortunate to have terrific friends, family, and members in my life!