About Me

I was born and raised in Missouri and came to Colorado for training after medical school. I grew up as the son of a veterinarian and knew from an early age that I wanted a career in medicine. During residency, I fell in love with my wife and with Colorado. I have spent my career at Kaiser Permanente; there is nowhere I would rather be a doctor.

About my practice

As a neurologist, I have had the gift of living with someone who has a neurologic illness. This has helped me better understand how neurologic disorders affect the whole person, and be a better doctor. I believe I am a partner in helping my patients answer their questions and make the decisions which will help them achieve their goals. I care for patients 16 years old and older. My subspecialty in neurology is neuromuscular medicine, and an additional area of interest is treating patients with multiple sclerosis. Neuromuscular medicine focuses on conditions such as muscle disorders, myasthenia and other neuromuscular junction disorders, peripheral neuropathies, and ALS and other motor neuron disorders. As a neuromuscular specialist, I perform diagnostic nerve and muscle testing (EMGs). I also perform botulinum toxin (Botox) injections for patients with dystonia such as torticollis and related disorders. In addition to my clinical practice, I work in administration where I focus on improving our care delivery system as a whole.

How I thrive

I think thriving begins by finding purpose and enjoyment both at home and in work. DIY projects are common. When I have time off, I enjoy hiking and camping. I also enjoy playing cards and reading, particularly science fiction.