About Me

I was born in an Army hospital in Japan to parents who are from the Midwest. When my father's service ended, we moved to California where I was raised. I am the oldest of four children. Growing up, we would spend time outdoors playing tennis, swimming, rafting, camping, and waterskiing in the summer or snow skiing in the winter. I am a third generation doctor and grew up understanding the long hours and commitment involved in a career in medicine. When I was 8 years old, I helped bandage my brother after a bicycle accident and knew then that I also wanted to be a doctor. I studied biology and communication at the University of California, Davis, then attended St. Louis University School of Medicine, where I was active in campus ministry and spent a month working in a clinic in Belize. I moved to Oregon for a Pediatric residency at Oregon Health and Science University, which was closer to the mountains, ocean and my family. Here I met my husband, who is a fifth generation Oregonian. We have two teenage boys and spend most of our free time either skiing, swimming, playing soccer or taking our Labrador hiking.

About my practice

I chose Pediatrics because it combined preventive care of well children with kids who had intellectually challenging cases. I have practiced in Urgent Care, general Pediatrics and most recently in a newborn nursery. I feel blessed when I can develop ongoing relationships with members and their families. I enjoy watching children grow and develop through their different stages. I especially enjoy helping families make informed decisions for their overall health. Working for Northwest Permanente has allowed me to concentrate on member care rather than the administration involved in a private practice. I try to provide the very highest quality of care.

How I thrive

I believe in a balanced life. I try to model the behavior and choices that I recommend to my family and members. Holistic lifestyles pay attention to body, mind and spirit. For our bodies, we try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. We focus on eating dinner together as a family each night so we can catch up with each other’s day. We encourage our boys' interest in sports; swimming, soccer, and basketball, and also love to hike, ski and travel as a family. For my mind, I read to keep up with advances in medicine and spend time practicing new songs on my guitar or learning new instruments such as the mandolin. For the spirit, I take a little quiet time each day. I spend time with my husband and boys. I share my love of skiing, medicine and music by volunteering and playing guitar and singing for church. I have volunteered internationally in clinics in Belize, American Samoa and Haiti.