About Me

I was raised in southeast Texas, where my brothers and I enjoyed a wonderful life of exploring. Ironically, I attribute my natural love for orthopedics to the time I spent with my father working on cars and home projects. I attended college at Brigham Young University and then headed to San Antonio, Oklahoma City and finally San Diego for my medical and surgical training. My favorite part of that journey was a brief time in Germany, where I studied orthopedic surgery trauma and got to enjoy Europe with my family. I have five wonderful children and an amazing wife who keep me busy when I am not at the office. We love outdoor activities and spend most of our free time jogging, skiing, cycling and running between our kids’ activities.

About my practice

While I enjoy all facets of orthopedic surgery, my true passion is sports injuries and arthroscopy. I enjoy keeping up with the latest surgical techniques of the knee and shoulder and I also enjoy teaching others. I usually attend one meeting a year where I teach other surgeons about arthroscopic shoulder techniques. These are usually cadaver labs and I enjoy them because I learn from my fellow instructors. I am also surrounded by excellent surgeons and because we all sub-specialize, we have an expert for whatever ailment you have. I find gratification in assisting patients return to their previous level of function. Many times, this allows them to return to a high level of competition in their sport of choice. This truly gives me satisfaction in my choice of profession!

How I thrive

I feel strongly that we must strive to maintain all facets of our lives. That includes our physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being. I try very hard to live a balanced life and encourage my patients to do the same. I can only help them with their physical well-being and must rely on them to maintain the other facets of their lives.