About Me

I am a Colorado native, I love the mountains and the Colorado sunshine. I went into family medicine to try and keep people healthy, and I enjoy getting to meet and interact with people over the long haul. I attended medical school in southern California at Loma Linda University, and returned to Colorado as soon as I could. I’m married and have a beautiful little girl that brings my wife and me all sorts of joy.

About my practice

As a family medicine doctor, I am focused on primary care and preventive medicine. I see both children and adults. My role as a primary care doctor is to give my patients the tools and support to stay as healthy as possible. I want to give them the best evaluation and treatment if they get sick.

How I thrive

My family is my key to living well, supplemented with a lot of sunshine and exercise. My favorite thing to do is play with my little girl. I also love sitting in a park on a sunny, beautiful day reading a good book. I'm a runner who has come to enjoy Cross Fit in the past couple of years.