About Me

I was born and raised in Virginia, where I married my high school sweetheart and attended college and medical school. My husband and I moved to Florida for my residency and then to California, where I worked as a hospitalist. I next joined a pediatric practice back in Virginia and worked for seven years while starting a family. When the opportunity arose to live and work on a beautiful island, we jumped at the chance. My parents influenced me in my decision to become a physician, encouraging hard work and the pursuit of a personally rewarding career. They even introduced me to Hawaii on a family trip to Japan, Korea, and Hawaii many years ago.

About my practice

School and study have always been enjoyable for me, and a career in medicine provides a lifetime of learning. My choice of specialty was determined by the children themselves. They are such a blessing! Every patient room that I enter holds a child in a different stage of life seeing the world from a different perspective. Their candid and humorous comments both challenge and entertain. I am a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a PTA member. At the Dyson Community Pediatrics National Symposium and at Pediatric Academic Society meetings I have spoken about maternal perceptions of childhood obesity. To stay current in my field, I attend medical conferences and read pediatric journals. Also, I speak some basic medical Spanish. When I interviewed for my present position, I knew that I wanted to be part of the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group family. The physicians were warm and welcoming, and there was a feeling of camaraderie and support. The emphasis here is on quality of care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and this means better care for patients. It is a joy for me to welcome newborn infants into the world and watch them grow. As an advocate for children, I partner with families when they need help caring for a child.

How I thrive

Exercise and a healthy diet are daily goals, but I admit that chocolate makes me smile and smiling is also healthy! I try to stay connected with family and friends, old and new, near and far. Prayer gets me through the challenging days. I enjoy beach time, reading with my two small children, traveling, and eating anything my husband cooks.