About Me

I always wanted to be a family doctor. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, I had an amazing family doctor who was also a family friend, and I feel that I got to see the best of this profession through the relationship this doctor had with my family. I've found that for me there's no substitute for the connection that’s created by caring for the whole family, and I really enjoy the diversity of seeing newborns and older adults. I'm thrilled to be practicing in Portland, where my two young kids are smiled at in restaurants when they're being goofy, and I can make it up to the mountain to ski almost weekly in the winter.

About my practice

I am a collaborator. This works great as a family physician because I am able to bring the medicine and science knowledge to the table, while the patients seeking care can bring personal experiences and knowledge of their own bodies. Together we're able to form the best possible plan for each individual's health and goals. I'm thrilled to practice at Kaiser Permanente, where the mission of the organization supports my practice style, and the medicine and care is up to date and evidence-based so that every member receives the best possible care.

How I thrive

I have learned balance, with a little help from my husband. We make sure to support each other exercising, most days. I get marvelous, rejuvenating time with the kids at the dog park, playground, and baking. I also get time for myself reading or gardening. My husband and I still make sure we get out to a concert or two each month, and thankfully, because we live in Portland, we aren't even the oldest ones there!