About Me

Hello! My Name is Jackie Villalta and I am a urologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. I am happy to be able to introduce myself to you through this Web page.


I am originally from Los Angeles, and moved to San Diego to attend UC San Diego. After earning my Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry/cell biology, I attended the UC San Francisco for medical school as well as residency training in urologic surgery. I fell in love with urology due to the broad range of medical problems the field encompasses and the ability to impact my patients’ quality of life.

About my practice

I am a general urologist and treat conditions such as voiding dysfunction (BPH), kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, and scrotal conditions. I am a strong believer in treating urologic conditions with medications when necessary, and also in making every day life behavioral changes to improve these conditions.

How I thrive

I like spending time outdoors in beautiful, sunny San Diego and specifically enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and taking my dog on long walks.