About Me

Hello! I am a family physician. Welcome to my Web page. I am glad that you chose Kaiser Permanente for your health care needs. I hope and will try my best to take good care of you and your family.


I am originally from Mumbai, India. I finished medical school in Mumbai and my residency in Michigan. I am married and have a wonderful husband. I recently moved to Southern California because both my husband and I have a lot of family here and, of course, the beautiful weather. I have always wanted to become a doctor because I come from a family of doctors. I really enjoy my work and don’t consider it work at all. That’s what makes it rewarding! I think I am blessed to be able to do what I enjoy.

About my practice

My work philosophy is to treat all my patients like they are my family members. I treat them just the way I want to be treated by my doctor. The entire team, including the nurses, the back office support, and others, team up to deliver the best care possible.

How I thrive

My philosophy is that whatever happens, happens for the best. Take life as it comes. I try not to stress myself too much about things, and I try to eat healthy and exercise. I love to read, listen to music, and travel.