About Me

I am a board-certified, glaucoma fellowship-trained ophthalmologist. I speak Spanish fluently, and I love my job. I strive to be efficient in clinic to provide excellent, timely care to help members care for their eyes. I work hard to provide the best care possible to members.


Regarding my background, my family lived in East Los Angeles when I was young, and after a while we moved to the East Coast. After I graduated from college, I went to medical school at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.After medical school and my internship at Johns Hopkins, I did my residency at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute, where I developed the skills to care for members with ophthalmic diseases. Following residency, I pursued a fellowship in glaucoma at Emory University, one of the top ophthalmology programs in the country, where I learned to care for complex and traditional glaucoma in adults and children.After my fellowship, my wife and I returned to Southern California, where we fell in love with the great food, the weather, and the cultural life again. We now live in West Los Angeles, and our daughter goes to school here.

About my practice

I love taking care of members, and I work hard to ensure that I give them my best every day so they can see better tomorrow. I respect their time, and I strive to be efficient in clinic. I love the complexities of ophthalmic disease, and I constantly endeavor to improve my clinical and surgical skills.

How I thrive

When not working, I spend time with my family, learn Russian, run half-marathons, and read. I also enjoy playing chess, hiking, gardening, and playing golf. I believe that diet, exercise, and maintaining good health allow me to give my best to members and my colleagues.