About Me

Hi. Welcome to my Kaiser Permanente home page!


I am a pediatrician at Kaiser here in Southern California. I'm from that other state of Northern California, but I'm really enjoying living down here. I can bike to work year round, and I have lots of family here, so I don't miss the north too much!

About my practice

I see all kinds of kids, big and small, and I enjoy taking care of them all. My specialty is infections in children, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

How I thrive

As I get older, I play less soccer and do more biking, swimming, and hiking. Was born with high cholesterol so I tend to try to eat healthy at home and I eat lots of fish, but I do eat and enjoy pretty much ANYTHING when I go out with friends or family, or when I travel (I especially like French food and all sorts of Asian foods).