About Me

Welcome to my Web page!


I joined Kaiser Permanente after working some years in private practice. I joined because this organization allows me to give members thorough care—with the tests and specialists they need. With Kaiser Permanente, I can care for my members just as if they were my own family. I chose emergency medicine because it gives me a special opportunity to help people when they most urgently need help. It also lets me travel with confidence, because I know how to handle medical emergencies when I’m away from home.

About my practice

It’s very rare that we, working in the Emergency Department, are actually chosen by our patients. You’re here in our department because you have pain, an injury, stress, or another condition. Whether it’s fate or just plain luck—we tend to meet under difficult circumstances. We know you'd definitely rather see your trusted family doctor than an unknown one. However, our team will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. By providing our collective medical skills and referring you for any additional service you need, we strive to give you the highest-quality care.

How I thrive

In my free time, I’m into woodworking, surfing, playing tennis and table tennis, eating orangecicle ice cream bars, and making beer. Mowing my lawn relaxes me—at least since I got a self-propelled gasoline mower. Swimming can be tedious to me—going back and forth and back and forth in the pool—but I do it anyway to keep in shape. I plan to watch my grandkids and, hopefully, my great-grandkids grow up someday. I’ve found that I like to travel. It opens my mind—not only new foods and sights, but also to new cultures and beliefs. I was afraid of losing my favorite travel buddy, so I married her a few years ago—now we have 3 new travel buddies! The spiritual part of my life is just as important to me as exercising my mind and body. Although I cannot attend church as much as I’d like due to my work schedule, my faith is always with me.