About Me

I myself have been a Kaiser Permanente member since 1974 when my father accepted a position with the Dermatology Department here and moved our family from snowy Connecticut to "sunny" Oregon! I grew up in Beaverton and have fond memories of childhood eye exams at the Beaverton and Sunset clinics--especially being fit for my first pair of contact lenses. After graduating from college, I decided to become an optometrist in large part because of my admiration for the Kaiser Permanente optometrists who took care of me. For more than 20 years, I have had the honor of being a Kaiser Permanente optometrist myself, and I feel fortunate to work with a dedicated team of health care providers, support staff, and administrators who have the shared goal of delivering the best care we can to each member we meet.

About my practice

I believe that vision is more than seeing the smallest line on the eye chart. Vision is also how we interpret the information that our eyes present to our brain. This perspective has served me well, whether I'm providing care to a young child who has one eye that sees well and another that does not, a member who has vision trouble after a concussion or stroke, or a member who has an eye disease that is causing trouble with reading.

How I thrive

I enjoy balancing my work life with attending the sports games and dance performances of my 3 growing children. My husband and I also are fortunate to have my parents and his mother living close enough for weekly visits. I enjoy walking! Some days, I meet my best girlfriend for a walk after we drop off our kids at school. Some days I walk with my kids to enjoy a treat at a local restaurant. Some evenings, my husband and I take a walk to talk about the kids, our parents, and our busy calendar. Finally, I enjoy participating in Sunday Parkways in Portland. I am so proud that Kaiser Permanente sponsors this popular event that promotes exercise, provides health education, and supports local businesses and non-profit organizations.