About Me

I was born in Delaware and grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. I completed my physician assistant studies at the Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut. While working in Boston, I took a vacation on Oahu, met my significant other, found a great position with Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG), and made the decision to move to Hawaii. My parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams and inspired me to pursue a career as a physician assistant. Their support allowed me to graduate from a great program and enter a well-respected profession.

About my practice

Many of my family members work in medicine as doctors and nurses. From an early age I’ve enjoyed caring for others and solving problems, so it was an easy and natural decision for me to become a physician assistant. After undergoing orthopaedic surgery as a teenager, I developed a strong interest in that specialty. For my master’s thesis in physician assistant school, I designed a research project that analyzed running injuries related to footwear, a topic that was of particular concern to me as a recreational runner. To stay current in my field, I spend time reading medical journals and participate in several professional orthopaedic societies. At HPMG, I’ve been impressed by the dedication to patients and the level of care. Support staff are welcoming and helpful, and the organization offers numerous opportunities for professional growth. My goal is to provide the most efficient, comprehensive, and thoughtful care to my patients. I’ll always try to spend the extra time needed to ensure that I’ve responded to any and all questions or concerns that my patients may have. Hearing their stories is a great way to get to know who they are as individuals, to understand why they’re visiting me, and to gain insight into the way they value their care and the outcome they’re seeking.

How I thrive

I enjoy working out at the gym, lifting weights, running, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, cooking, spending time with friends and my significant other, and traveling. I also volunteer to help animals and support educational programs. I’m an organized person and love to host parties and charity events. I like to educate myself and stay up-to-date on current events by reading up on a variety of topics.