About Me

It was the innate desire to understand the human body, its ailments and their remedies that ultimately drove my decision to become a physician. I received acceptance at a premier medical school in South India after having excelled in an extremely competitive entrance examination.

I pursued my internal medicine residency in the U.S. and finished my training at St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital in New York. During my training, I was fortunate to work at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where I grew interested in the field of cancer and blood disorders. Exposure to a wide range of clinical and emotional challenges enthused me academically and professionally to a career in hematology and oncology.

After completing my fellowship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, I chose to move South to enjoy the warm weather. I was in private practice in South Carolina before starting with Kaiser Permanente in 2018. I am inspired by the Kaiser Permanente health care model, where physicians and staff seek to work as a team with true commitment, offering hope to our members and their families during their battle against cancer.

About my practice

Oncology is a constantly changing field with rapidly evolving research, delivering novel treatment options that has better side-effect profiles, cure rates and survivals.

As an oncologist, I strive to keep myself up-to-date and take pride in partnering with our members and their families, providing them the best possible personalized cancer treatment plans that will have a positive impact on their quality of life.

I firmly believe that knowledge and faith lean largely upon each other in the practice of medicine. I make every effort to educate my patients about their disease; provide high-quality, evidence-based, compassionate care; and help our members sail through the most difficult times of their cancer journey.

How I thrive

Kaiser Permanente strongly encourages providers to maintain work-life balance. I exercise regularly and enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids. My other hobbies include watching Indian films (especially Bollywood and Tollywood), playing table tennis, dancing and listening to music.