About Me

I was born in Malaysia but raised in California. Hawaii has been my home since 2004 and I can't imagine living anywhere else. My wife is the most calming influence in my life. We laugh and smile a lot together.

About my practice

Very simply, I've always enjoyed helping people. I believe that it's everybody's responsibility to try to do a little to make other people's lives better. Because it requires both mental and physical effort, I find surgery very gratifying. I believe that physicians are partners in your care. We serve to help guide you through medical decisions, to answer questions you have, and to help you stay in the best health. There's a lot more to patients than simply a diagnosis and I like finding out about how everybody is unique. At the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I appreciate the focus on quality. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the largest medical group in the state, and actively participate in community activities sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. I'm a member of the American College of Surgeons, and have recently published an article on arterial pressure-based cardiac output monitoring in Intensive Care Medicine.

How I thrive

I try to get in or on the water as much as possible. My wife and I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.