About Me

I obtained my Physician's Assistant Masters Degree from Midwestern University in 2005. I have been practicing as a Certified Physician Assistant since that time, primarily in Orthopedics. Physician Assistants must pass a rigorous initial medical certification exam covering all aspects of medicine, and recertify by written examination every 5-6 years, as well as maintaining extensive continuing medical education.

About my practice

I developed a keen interest in Orthopaedics during my clinical rotations, while in the Physician Assistant program at Midwestern University. I enjoy working in a medical specialty that focuses on trying to help patients regain physical function and thus enjoyment in their lives. I strive to ensure all my patients understand what their diagnosis means, and what their treatment options are.

How I thrive

I enjoy being outdoors, which is what brought my family to the Oregon region. Portland has a wonderful mixture of arts, entertainment, and outdoor recreation that is within often within minutes of my front door. I enjoy sampling various types of cuisine, including all the different food carts around the city. I can't think of a better place to live!