About Me

Welcome! I hope this Web page offers you an introduction to me as a physician.


I was born in Michigan in the suburbs of Detroit, and then moved along with my family to Scottsdale, Arizona near the end of elementary school. I spent several years in Massachusetts, for college and also time working as a chemist. Medical school led me back home to family in Arizona. Afterwards, I was excited at the opportunity to begin my residency training at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. It was there that I first became interested in the specialty of infectious diseases while contributing to research projects and also volunteering at Clinic by the Bay in the Mission District. Once my fellowship training at UC Davis was complete, I jumped at the opportunity to practice again with Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.

About my practice

The focus of my practice includes the appropriate use of antimicrobials in the treatment of infections in order to avoid adverse drug reactions and antibiotic resistance. Emphasizing infection prevention with regard to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV is also an important aspect of my patient care.

How I thrive

Maintaining balance between my practice and personal life is important. I enjoy running along the San Diego Bay in addition to hiking along trails throughout San Diego County. Relaxing while watch a good movie is also something which I enjoy.