About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. I am an eye physician and surgeon specializing in cataract and glaucoma surgery. I am also a diplomate (certified specialist) of the American Board of Ophthalmology.


I have wanted to be a physician since I was in high school. I was influenced to become one by close family friends who were physicians and the big difference they made in the lives of their patients. In medical school, I worked in a rural village in India. Dozens of poor people received free eye care and cataract surgeries daily. These people went from being blind to being fully productive individuals in society again. This was a very moving experience for me. I decided that I, too, wanted to help give back the gift of sight to people.

About my practice

I care for the most advanced vision problems, such as cataracts and glaucoma. My principal aim is to deliver the very best care and advice to my patients that I can. I have been in practice since 1999, and since then, I have performed more than 8,000 cataract surgeries using a minimally invasive, no-stitch, no-needle technique. For cataract surgery, I offer standard intraocular lens implants (IOLs) as well as premium intraocular lenses and multifocal implants. In addition, I was extremely honored in 2014 to receive the “Outstanding Physician Award” for surgical services at Woodland Hills Medical Center.

How I thrive

I thrive when I know I have done the very best I can for my patients. Not all eye diseases are curable, but when a patient knows that I am always there for him or her, during the highs and lows of his or her disease, this brings me great satisfaction. I love my profession; nothing brings me greater satisfaction than restoring an individual’s vision. Last December, I was finally able to achieve my dream of participating in an eye camp in rural India—this time not as a student observing, but as a surgeon!