About Me

I'm originally from Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati for medical school, but moved to Colorado for residency and subsequently fell in love with the active lifestyle and the weather. My wife and I wanted to remain in Colorado after residency, and working with Kaiser Permanente was an easy choice as I was attracted to the emphasis on high-quality care and communication, both between providers and with patients and their families. I'm looking forward to serving the people of the Front Range.

About my practice

I've always been interested in science, but found myself also desiring personal connection with other people as I explored careers during college. Although I don't have any family in medicine, I felt myself naturally drawn toward the field with its mix of scientific knowledge and opportunity to directly and positively impact the lives of others. Hospital medicine provides me the opportunity to work toward mastery of a broad field of knowledge and to take personal responsibility for the health and wellbeing of those patients I serve. I endeavor to provide the best evidence-based and science-based medicine to all under my care; I strive to give each patient and family the time they deserve and to answer any question or concern to the best of my ability; and I'm committed to working with the health care team to help each person live their best life. I take care of hospitalized adult patients and coordinate care with specialists and patients’ primary care providers.

How I thrive

I try to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Physical activity keeps me fresh and engaged, and I enjoy running, weight lifting, skiing and especially rock climbing, which is a new pursuit for me since moving to Colorado. I'm very interested in how we can maintain health and wellness through healthy behaviors and I'd be happy to discuss this with you. However, I also enjoy slowing down and always enjoy a good cup of coffee or a meal with my wife or friends. I'm a big soccer fan (Come on, you Spurs!). Finally, seeing my dog is always a high point of my day (closely followed by sharing pictures of her). In short, balance between engaging and satisfying work, service to others and refreshing personal time is what I strive for.