About Me

I am an osteopathic physician, board certified in family practice, providing care for members in the Urgent Care Department at Kaiser Permanente. I have been in practice almost 30 years and consider myself a reasonable guy with good training and experience with a goal of providing excellent medical care and understanding of illness to the community I serve. I like the job and the people that it exposes me to, and I am still fascinated by the practice of medicine.


I was born in Los Angeles and trained at UC Irvine and at Western States University of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona, CA. I play racquetball, swim, and hike frequently. I believe in fitness, but I have a rational understanding of enjoying life while always trying to improve myself. I am married with 1 daughter who’s going into teaching.

About my practice

I work exclusively in the Urgent Care Department, providing treatment and information to those who are ill or injured.

How I thrive

I believe strongly in fitness and exercise. My family is “cursed” with longevity, and I plan to be fully functional in my 90s as the rest of them — I have to stay fit to allow that to happen. I have only 2 health risks: Ben & Jerry.