About Me

Although originally from New York City, I came to Oregon by way of Colorado and Irvine, California, where I trained to become a genetic counselor, a profession my mother encouraged me to consider given a combined interest in science and in helping people. Having worked at both Oregon Health Sciences University and the Legacy system, I started working at Kaiser Permanente in 2001 and enjoy the comprehensive holistic approach to genetics.

About my practice

Our clinic is humorously referred to as a "womb to tomb" clinic in that we see prenatal, pediatric, and adult patients for a very wide variety of genetic conditions. We strive to provide comprehensive genetics services and address both the patient's and family's concerns and provide support through difficult diagnoses.

How I thrive

I thrive by throwing pots, that is, by making pottery! Walking, hiking, yoga and gardening when it isn't raining, keep me active.