About Me

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my Web page and learning more about what services and programs are available at Kaiser Permanente Fontana's preventive medicine department. We take pride in helping our members learn new ways to improve health and practice prevention every day.


Let me tell you about my work as a physician and as a physician administrator at Kaiser Permanente. I am a preventive medicine physician who started working at the Fontana Medical Center in 1988. I enjoy working with the Lipid Medication Clinic, the Diabetes Program, the Stop Smoking Program and many other preventive medicine and health education services. In 2000, I transitioned into my administrative role as the Southern California physician lead for Population Care Systems and the KP.org online Web site. I feel fortunate to be able to work at Kaiser Permanente Fontana and at our Southern California regional offices in Pasadena.

About my practice

The preventive medicine department at Palm Court is a very special place to learn ways to improve our health. It is a privilege to help patients understand what steps we can all take to prevent disease and illness and feel better by following an active healthy lifestyle. By combining prevention with behavior change, we can maintain a positive well-being and practice the key steps to healthy living: eating right and exercising our minds and bodies.

How I thrive

I enjoy coaching AYSO soccer, fishing, mountain biking, and playing the guitar. Even more so, I enjoy spending time with my wife and four sons. My philosophy is: "Life is short, make each day count."