About Me

I am originally from a small town in Vermont near Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. I went to college in Maine where I studied biology and minored in anthropology. I took two years away from school to coordinate clinical research in Boston, Massachusetts before returning to University of Vermont for medical school. I moved to Portland, Oregon for residency in Internal Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University and I am delighted to stay in town with Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

When I imagined myself as a physician, it was always in primary care. I enjoy the challenge of managing a broad range of medical conditions, opportunities for preventing disease, and the reality of life outside of the hospital. I look forward to long-lasting relationships based on teamwork and trust. I have a special interest in health care systems and quality improvement.

How I thrive

I believe that in order to take excellent care of other people, I must also take care of myself. I stay healthy by running, cycling, hiking, swimming and skiing. I thrive by staying active, cooking and eating good food, making time for myself, and spending time with family and friends.